Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nautical Wednesday

Back into the swing.  It's Wednesday sailing and tonight I race our boat "Incahoots" around Sydney Harbour in a fleet of around eighty boats, mostly ruffty tuffty blokes with a sprinkling of gal skippers like myself at the helm.  After all these years of doing the Wednesday night races I still have the Wednesday wardrobe catastrophes.   Yes the crew wear a uniform, navy sailing shorts and a white or navy polo shirt with the 'Incahoots' logo and yes  I have all the team gear, matching vests, jackets etc, of course I do, I was the one who designed the crew gear, logo colours etc.  But I really want to look different, add my own flair, stand out from the fleet when I'm bringing that big girl down wind and ready to shoot the mark. If  any of you girls out there sail you will know exactly what I mean.  Women's sailing gear is dull and boring....

See what I mean...Big Stripes, No shape, No Style, Not Flattering!

I'd love a wardrobe like this

Walk down the dock in this

 Wear this over my gloves
 Have these on my feet

Strut this at the podium 

this ye

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