Monday, January 9, 2012

The Hungry Caterpillar Party for Rowan's First Birthday Bash!

It all started with a very hungry baby, Rowan, who just about ate everything he could see.  We aptly nicked named him 'The Hungry Caterpillar' and from an early age we knew his first birthday would be a hungry caterpillar party.  Our very own little hungry caterpillar boy, wearing his very own Rowan Romper in Spotty Spots

I hung spotted fabric over a brick wall as a backdrop for the story boards we made of pictures from Rowan's first year, it was so hard to choose which ones to use.  Story boards made a great talking point, we used two large canvases and wasabi tape.  Don't they look impressive!

The homemade party hat's were very easy to make, we started with a plan yellow cone hat and made the caterpillars and the birthday boy butterfly using the pictures from the book as a guide.

An amazing beautiful sunny sky and the the lush green lawn was the perfect picnic spot for little ones to enjoy their day.  Several weeks ago I started sewing the bunting all one hundred and seventy five triangles............but don't they look smashing

I put out a selection of vintage chairs with helium balloons.....cute

Hmmm these cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches were a hit

Fruit stars, chocolate strawberries, icy little jellies were delicious treats on such a warm day........

Now for the drum roll....

Happy little caterpillar cupcakes...not only do they look delicious they were very yummy 

The Star of the Show

When Alison delivered the cake on Friday afternoon I was on the phone calling my friends demanding they drop by to see the spectacle of a cake.  We all stood around having a few glasses of bubbles admiring it beauty

Hmmm hurry up, we live in anticipation to see it inside and taste it

Just scrumptious....

The cookie wands each one so perfect in detail........A fabulous idea for a party favour

A tired little caterpillar opens his presents.......

And sadly all his little friends have gone home

his first birthday party is over




Apparently it just got started


  1. wow, what a fab shindig, lucky boy! The cake is ace, and the blue bouncy donkey? claud just got one of those-mad things!!!

  2. Roberta (or should I say party queen!!!)
    Such a spectacular party for dear little Rowan. Your party table looked amazing. Loved the photo board, and the caterpillar made of sandwiches is just SO clever! Not to mention the fruit shapes, strawberries, and jelly cups! Beautifully styled, and thank you so much for featuring my cake and sweet treats...such an

  3. FABUUUUULOUSSSSS!!!! This must be fate. My girl's 1st birthday is coming up in Feb and my husband and I agreed on the same theme as it is our favourite book. It looks like an amazing soiree. Bravo! Ps would you hate me terribly if I stole some of your ideas?

  4. Thank you Alison.. The weather was too hot to display all the beautiful treats you created, we had to serve each course one at a time. such great raves about the the yummy tasting cake and cup cakes. OOOhhhh...

  5. Hi Max, those weird bloated animals just rock!

  6. Hi Spark, if you need any ideas, I did forget to blog the invitations which were amazing little grubs in a jar, send me an email and I am more than happy to share the love of 'The Hungry Bug' Thank you. x

  7. Oh wow, what a fantastic party, such great colours! Happy Birthday Rowan!

  8. Thank you so much for the extremely kind comment!! Your Hungry Caterpillar idea looked so fantastic--that was one of my absolute favorite books as a child. Happy Birthday to Rowan and Happy New Year as well!

  9. This whole party is amazing Roberta! The cake, cupcakes, biscuits, the caterpillar sandwich, well actually everything is beautiful.
    Hope you all had the best day.
    I love the photo board idea too!

  10. What an absolutely gorgeous party. So beautiful.

  11. Hi there!

    Such a great party and a lovely blog too. Thanks for your message. It's always so fun to find new blogs! Tracey xo


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