Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rowantree Design 'Laundry Days'

Ready, set, summer days!
How can you resist a gorgeous little romper.  Cool and comfortable and so easy for your little munchkin to wear and it doesn't have to be laundry day.

When I was growing up my mother had days of the week set aside for special purposes and one of those days was 'Laundry Day' which meant we would be hanging out in the laundry and in the garden getting wet or at least I would be getting wet.  My mother would sit me in the huge cement tubs whilst she wrestled with the monster (the antiquated washing machine) my job was to keep the monsters hoses under control, as they would spring out of the washing machine, water would be gushing everywhere and we would get soaking wet and roll about with laughter.
As I've mentioned in my past blogs, my wonderfully talented and hip, happening mother made me outfits for just about everything I did and for every possible occasion.  Rompers were for 'Laundry Day'


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