Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My New Old Trike. #4

Although I didn't take up the buy nothing new pledge this month, I did happen upon a vintage shop on Parramatta Road in Stanmore yesterday.  How could I resist this little beauty? Just $20.00  Yep she's nice and sturdy, and will stand up to a huge amount of ramming around Nanna's garden.

Okay I think I have the hang of it, just sit here and hang on.

Yeppeee, I'm loving this.

Better take those corners a little slower.

Rowan is wearing Rowantree cargo pants and Rowantree 100% organic cotton vest in Denim.  
For enquiries please contact me.


  1. Cute, both boy and transport! You don't happen to make pint size sailors smocks do you, you know, the kind you get at a chandlers for adults. I'd love one for my daughter to wear at messy playcentre...

  2. Oh what a cutie, I love him and his outfit. And that trike is fantastic. I'll have to see if I can find something similar for my little man when he's ready.

  3. Thanks Anna, I have already bought him a Little Tike ride on for Christmas, but now I feel like I cheated with the plastic. I'll keep my eye out for one as I am always foraging around.

  4. What a gorgeous trike! My daughter has my husbands old trike. She loves it and its much admired.


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