Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A little White Dress Project

I feel like I am sitting inside the big bubble straight off the plane from the big apple!   I am bursting with inspiration, creative projects and fave shops that I want to rave about and share with you.  My taste buds are still jumping around in my mouth, I am craving fresh sustainable foods, street pizza, and tacomania, not to mention Mararita's Martini's and awesome Italian wines....
I am slowly getting my Sydney mojo back, yesterday I made myself sit down and finish 'The little white dress' project which is pretty exciting for me as I usually work with vintage inspired florals.   I loved working with the white cotton and over the next week I will be creating some garments in white and over dying them for a soft and muted colour palette.  I adore this piece and have already started to sew a petite little blouse with a mini peter pan collar to wear under the pinafore.  Too cute!

This month is going to be hectic for Rowantree.  First and foremost I absolutely have to get moving on the finishing touches to the new Rowantree website. Aggh! technology, how come it's so easy for some?
Tomorrow I have a photographer friend coming to assist me with a light box set up so I can photograph the collection myself which will make it easier to upload new styles at my own pace?  
I have a few pieces feautred in the spring edition of 'Shop4Kids', on the newsstand's August 1st, so I need to go, go, go, on the website.
If you love something you see on the Rowantree blog, send me a comment and I would love help you out with sizes and will post interstate and internationally to you.

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