Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fave Raves in New York City- Children's designer clothing

In between a visit here, and a visit to that, I popped my head in to many small, hole in the wall little people boutiques,  there were quite a few of them, as you can imagine, we are talking NYC here.  Most carried mostly main stream, I've seen that before, doesn't inspire me labels, so it was a case of "How ya doin'" and I was out the door.   I was really surprised at the lack of unique and gorgeousness.

I must say as large as NYC is, it didn't take me too long to seek out my favourite children's boutique.

From the rusted exterior and signage, walking into this store is like stepping back in time.  A time before there was Pumpkin Patch and mass produced, cheaply made children's clothing void of any style.  Bu and the Duck is a cult favourite for in-the-know New York mums.  All the clothing is designed by owner Susan Lane who was inspired by American children's clothing of the 30's and 40's.  The bespoke clothing racks hold darling dresses and, precious knits, plaid overalls  and adorable organic cotton basics, perfect for layering.  Don't think the boys get left out here!  Handsome plaid overalls, smart shirts and shorts a plenty. This store is likened to an art gallery, scattered throughout in the little nooks and crannies are Italian and French shoes, beautiful hand-crafted wooden toys, dolls, furniture, old world, unique, and the beauty of every object speaks for itself.  

See the vintage white and green pram.  This was designed in the early 30's and they were available to  hire to push children around in at Coney Island.  I loved this space and did make a few visits chat to Susan about inspiration and her love of children's playwear.  I left feeling like I had a kindred spirit in NYC.



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