Friday, May 6, 2011

I think I was in heaven

If you have the slightest interest in fabric and textiles, knitting, crocheting and crafting and you have not visited the new Calico and Ivy shop in Balmain you had better go, go now.   It is drop dead gorgeous.  Oh I sighed as Peta and I pulled up to the curb, there it is, number 10.  I love it, I love this, a gorgeous shop in a blue boathouse in the beautiful tree lined,  Birchgrove Road.
I could not wait to be inside, the vibrant colours luring me in.  I didn't even wait to help get Rowan out of the car.  I had to go in.......A visual treat awaited, a kaleidoscope of colourful fabrics and yarns all stylishly displayed in and around vintage style furniture.

An imaginative space..  boat shed. How Sydney

I have come to buy two things and I want to leave with only two things, one being a metre of defusing paper to applique a cushion cover and the second a piece of vintage style kitchenny fabric to cover the lids of my cumquart jam bottles.  Stay focused and eyes to the front....

bendy wire wrapped with sweet liberty print 

I see the very boucny, bubbly and energetic Amy the author of Amy Badskirt.  This description of Amy I copied from her profile, she also admits that she is very short.  Well Amy you are a gorgeous little a pocket rocket, talented fun and inspiring.  Can you please help me find a piece of fabric for my kumquat jam jars.  Amy gives me the raised eyebrows
"Ah, what is a cumquart"?
"Ha! you don't know a cumquart, all too funny, just think small mandarin"
Whilst Amy dashed from one fabric collection to the next choosing fat quarters........I had moved onto the yarns dreaming of crochet cushions, granny squares, cozy rugs for Rowan.....

Jenny Hunt designed crochet cushion

I could live here

Beautiful Liberty of London's Tana Lawn


Thank you Calico and Ivy, I have made new friends.  See you again on Monday for the crochet lessons I signed up for.....I just had to sign up to make that fabulous cushion with Jenny Hunt.


  1. I am only a few minutes away from this beautiful shop and can't believe I haven't spotted it before. Gorgeous!

  2. Drop everything and go now....Yesterday I joined a crochet class and met the Fabulous Kellie Doust of "Craft Minx" blog spot. and of course Amy of "Bad Skirt" Blog works there a well. Love it.


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