Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Explorations of the inner west of Sydney

The sailor is getting a little antsy these days, we are boatless which is not good for him, but for me, an opportunity to explore the creative and cultural community that lured me to the inner west of Sydney.   Most of the inner west has an industrial edge lending itself to great warehouse type spaces and heritage buildings that house interesting small businesses and markets.  I would love to share some of my favourite inner west places and spaces with you and hopefully lure you over to have a peek.

Last Saturday, a brilliant Sydney morning I was up early singing and making lots of noise so the sailor would emerge downstairs...

The plan....Breakfast at the Pyrmont Growers Market.  The market is open 1st Saturday of the month from 7am until 11am so you have to get up early.  Situated in Pyrmont Bay Park opposite Star City and you can take you four legged friends.  On this occasion I decided not to take the crazy poodles.

Can't resist a clear blue sky, sparkly water and the quintessential Sydney ferry

Ha!  the sailor thought the apples were actually growing on the tree

No other words than deliciously dribbly and yummy for the bacon and egg rolls

My shopping list went like this

Keis Kitchen salad and noodle sauces are so good you don't have to leave home

Coulsons totally organic and preserve free cordials and preserves

Single Origin coffee.  Love one right now!

Hydrangeas, my favourite

And here is me and behind me is our friends' boat coming to pick us and the goodies up. A  quiet harbour bay, brilliant sunshine with lots moreish things to eat.  Hmmm I hope they have the wine.

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