Friday, May 20, 2011

Auckland...come visit my favourite shops

Last weekend the sailor and I crossed the ditch to catch up with family and friends in Auckland.
Love it.  Why?
bars, cafes, shopping, sailing, corn fritters, funny speak, creativity, windy days, coffee, cakes, delicious wines, tikis, art, architecture, the harbour, lots and lots of cool things to look at....
While the sailor catches up with his salty mates, I'll hit my favourite shops and cafes in Ponsonby where I know I will be spoiled for choice.

Grab a coffee as I didn't want to leave any thing out......

Flowers on Franklin Road...Divine, gorgeous, beautiful, extravagant  flowers for any occasion.

...turn left and a few steps along Ponsonby Road, I am headed to Widdess, to choose one of her eclectic feminine pieces.  I love the beautiful fabrics and her designs.  Vintage inspired dresses, floaty skirts, stylish jackets and a small unique range of jewellery.  A vintage silk fabric caught my eye and I am up one very stylish skirt.

Love toting a Widdess bag, everybody knows there is something very special inside....but a bag might not be big enough if I fall in love with any of the to die for decorative antique and collectable pieces that await me at Bashfords Antique and Interiors.

Jillian the owner, collector extrodinaire, has a magnificent eye, not only for collecting these eclectic pieces, her displays are a work of art in themselves.  Over the years I have been visiting  Bashford's I have never left feeling anything but inspired.  It's well worth a trip over the ditch if you are searching for that wow factor stand piece.

With my wish list in mind I head back up onto Ponsonby Road to look in a shop with slightly younger object's de art.  I nickname it the 'light shop' years ago as this little Aladdin's cave does not display a name.  Inside you will find 50's stuff, vinyls, kitchen canister's, lights, bar accessories, stools all sorts of cool stuff.

With the taste for a great coffee and a sweet treat, reminiscent of what my mum used to bake, I head over to Richmond Road, Grey Lyn to the Monterey Coffee Lounge, don't you just love the way the words coffee lounge just roll of your tongue ,and how very 70's, meet me at the coffee lounge.  All of a sudden I am feeling very grown up.  

Love Kitch, well pop right next door to an absolute little treasure, "Presentz"  it's all here, an exciting range of new Zealand Kitchy stuff, souvenier tea towels with tikis and maps, long neck milk shake containers, tomatoes sauce bottles, stuff, all that nicky knacky kind of stuff.  My pick the recycled blanket, tiki applique cushion, for Rowan of course.

I must visit one shop before meeting the sailor for wine time.  Peppin, a baby boutique on Jervois Road, Herne Bay.  I was all over it, just loved it.  A gorgeous space to shop.  I enjoyed meeting the creative behind the brand, Kathleen.  Kathleen like myself designs, pattern makes, cuts and sews.  I felt really inspired by Kathleen's energy.

Peppin is soley produced in New Zealand. Concentrating on natural fibres and a neutral colour palette with hand screen printed organic tee shirts, merino hoodies, cotton harem pants, and Japanese prints on the baby kimonos. 

As the sun sets I head up the road to a great little bar called Elbow's Room to meet the sailor for a wine or two.  I have had a brilliant day and have some great buys.  Sorry no picture here not pretty, as it appears that the sailor has had a fairly decent day himself!

Best finish with a pretty picture of Rowan wearing his Peppin outfit.

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