Friday, February 18, 2011

A Bed Time Story

Visiting family in New Zealand last year I first saw the Miyo Baby Hammock in action.  One very tired and cranky baby was gently lulled to sleep in only minutes.  Not only did I love the idea of a baby gently swinging to sleep so cozily, I fell in love with the architecturally designed wooden hanging stand.  What a beautiful piece for any nursery and home.  Thank you Sarah and Gregory and the gifted Miyo team for perfecting this beautiful sleeping space for babies.

To my great surprise when I was setting up my Rowantree Design shop front at Mathilda's Market at the Paddington Town Hall last year.  I spotted the Hammocks being set up a few stops down.  I was so excited as we were expecting  baby Rowan and this would be the perfect sleeping space for him in our home.  The lovely and chatty Emma, the Australian distributor for the product  was happy to answer all our questions.  My hubby was too excited as himself a Kiwi was very chuffed to be purchasing a product designed in New Zealand.

As I sit here in my home office, Rowan is gently sleeping in his Myio Baby Hammock.  He sleeps more soundly and longer, and I am very comfortable knowing that he is cool, snug and safe.

Available in Australia at 'Counting Sheep Co'.

Sweet Dreams

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