Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Think outside the box for inside the crib!

When we were expecting Rowan to come along I wanted to make him something very special that he could use, love, and keep forever.  I would make him a quilt.  A quilt made with love.  First an inspiration then a picture to work with and see how it goes along the way.

Think outside the box for inside the crib!

Peace, Love and a Funky Carnival

I found this carnival themed piece of vintage fabric and and put it together with a piece of American folk styled fabric, as you can see I just sewed panels of fabric together and added a mix match border 

The Carousel

Having had so much creative fun making the first quilt I just had to make another.  I had a thought about going to the fair and riding on the carousel.  Which horse will I choose, and waving to my mum each time I passed.  Hold that thought, don't put it on paper but sew it in a quilt for life.  

The Peaceful horse



A book for inspiration is "Quilts Baby" by Linda Kopp, published by Lark books.  Now that the festive season is over and the house is getting back to normal embark on a quilting project a beautiful and creative way to relax.

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