Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rowantree Baby

Just recently my daughter told us the fantastic news she is pregnant and immediately I started looking for inspiration to design a baby range.  Hmm what to dress my precious little princess in was the hardest design task I have ever taken on because this is my first granddaughter and she has to look perfect, she has to stand out and look so totally gorgeous.  What about the fabrics.  I need the softest cottons and the print has to be soo adorable.

Sitting in my backyard one sunny afternoon, sketch pad in hand I was admiring my bed of sweetpeas that had just started to bloom.  Such a delicate vine with clusters of little flowers in soft reds, pinks and mauves.  And the flower itself resembling fluttering fringed butterflies.

I had my inspiration I would design a smock dress that had a lush frill as the central feature with a hint of a puff sleeve to cover her angel shoulders.  Just like a fluttering butterfly.

Off to my studio to look for the perfect fabrics, I already had an idea of which ones I would use.  The very beautiful floral printed swiss cottons I had purchaed in Japan last year.

I kept this design a complete secret  from my family as I wanted a ceremonious unveilling when I had the sample finished.

So one night when my three daughters and husbands and boyfriends had all gathered together at my eldest daughters house for a family meal  I knew that this was my moment, my moment to unveil the smock that my first grand daughter would wear.

Standing poised my daughter was eager to tell us the fantastic news.  She is having a boy.

The Posie Pinnie has arrived and will be available on my website very soon, here
 is a sneek peek for those of you lucky enough to have a little princess to look gorgeous in.

I will get started on designing something just as cute for our little King.

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  1. What a great story! And of course the top is too too gorgeous.


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