Thursday, September 9, 2010

A fun day shooting pics for my website.

What a fabulous and fun day I enjoyed with young Max, his sister Sophia and their wonderful Aunty Deb at Rushcutters Bay Park, taking pictures for my website.  Young Max is a scene stealer and lots of people stopped by to talk to Max and tell him how handsome he is.  Gorgeous Sophia loved changing outfits and looked adorable in everything, especially my new "Belle" design dress.

The day was sunny, warm and such a perfect location which just happens to be one of my favourite places in this beautiful harbour town of Sydney.   I love the water and I love to sail and this is the perfect spot.  My love of the water really sets the scene for my strong nautical themes and strong colour palette.  Max is wearing the Blue "Sail Short", "Sail Tee" and "Sydney" boys shirt.  Sophia wore the "Gidget Short" "Harem Pant", Tie shoulder check top and my fabulous new design "Bella" Dress in Vintage Green and Pink Daisy.

After some nautical style shots we walked to the park.  Rushcutters Bay park is one of the best parks in Sydney, a fabulous spot for family picnics.  Lots of huge trees offering inviting shady places ideal for the picnic rug, the pram or play pen.  It has a brand new shiny enclosed play area with really cool play equipment, a cafe that is very child friendly (very yummy food)  with loads of bikes and trikes to ride on, not to mention the scenic harbour backdrop.  You don't need a boat to enjoy the harbour here!

At the park we did all the above, ate a picnic lunch, searched for starfish, climbed the trees and played on the play equipment.  And it was a wrap.  A fantastic photo shoot, two very happy children, a collection of great shots and a me, a very excited designer.  I love designing clothes for children.  I love the process.  I can't wait to see my clothes in action.

I look forward to spending lots of time in this park with my grandson holding his little hand in mine whilst he balances on the sandstone wall looking for starfish and waiting patiently for him to play on the really cool play equipment.  My husband is really looking forward to holding his little hand around a main sheet and teaching him to sail.

Once again a big thank you to Max, Sophia and Aunty Deb.

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