Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Retro Shack 'Yellow Birds not Pink Elephants'

If you happen to notice any peculiar bright yellow birds flying around the central coast area, chance is they stopped by the Retro Shack for a splash in the newly installed birdbath..........

It went like this.  I was so excited last week when my search for a birdbath to complete the front garden of the Retro Beach Shack came to an end. I couldn't believe my eyes, this birdbath was perfect, definately, lovingly  handmade , I could just imagine the looks of anticipation on the family's faces when dad unveiled her, complete with mother frog and her baby right smack in the middle of the bath.  Turns out just like in the movies, the lovely old man had made the birdbath back in the 50's, him and his equally lovely wife were down sizing and had no need for the bird bath anymore, it was one of the last things left from the garage sale on the weekend.   Arthur helped me load the birdbath into the back of my car, I gave them both a wave and drove off. 
Yesterday I took the birdbath up to the Retro Shack, I gave it a good lick of paint, unsure as to what colour I should paint the mother and baby frog, the sailor suggested yellow, so I went with that.........
I had a left over concrete paver which came in handy to place the birdbath on so she is steady, and last I painted the mother and baby, I had to laugh!!!

So I went about watering the plants, then decided to put the sprinkler on.............

The water washed over the mother and baby frog washing most of the paint off and making the water yellow, the more I tried to wash the yellow water out of the bath the more yellow paint washed off the frogs.....I left it.  It wasn't long before the bird life were splish, splashing around in the bath.

My hibiscus are blooming.

I painted and planted more retro pots.  I just love the diamond cut one in the middle.

That looks better for now!   I have a plan for the shed, it's essential to house all my bits and pieces, but it looks just so ugly.  I am so excited I have my first holiday makers renting the Retro Shack for the long weekend.  I'm hoping they have a fabulous stay.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, I'm off sailing today.



  1. Sounds great and if some of those birds make it across the channel to Palm Beach, I'll know where they've been.
    Congrats on the rental as well

    1. I was wondering why I was walking around the house singing Yellow Bird yesterday!

  2. Your (beautiful) bird bath looks like a huge poached egg in the second pic Roberta. I love to watch the birdies splash around in our bird bath too (an old homemade job like yours, sans yellow water though!)
    Gorgeous concrete pots. They look stunning painted white. I'm too scared to put a paint brush to mine - at the mo I'm leaving them au naturale.

    Thanks so much for commenting on my Golden Circle post, it was lovely to read about your visit to the cannery when you were a kiddo. And thanks to you, I know the hostesses wore a green uniform - I must search for a pic.

    And your first guests are going to love the shack (although I think shack is hardly the right word) x

    1. I was thinking a big blob of custard but the poached egg is too funny! Your Golde Circle post was hilarious, I was thinking how outragious of you to give that bright pink pie a go!

  3. Lovely. Those retro pots remind me of my Nan's place....She had so many, all painted a beautiful lemony yellow. Love it.

  4. Roberta, I love it ALL!!! I wish I could come and have a coffee with you....yellow frog? you kill me!!!

  5. Loving the white retro pots ... very cool and cute birdbath, too ... Bee xx

  6. funny story! the yellow water looks so cool anyway! the retro pots

  7. Yellow frogs? Sounds great (in theory if not in practice). Those pots are looking good - and I am so curious to see what you will do with you garden shed!

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