Tuesday, September 4, 2012

In My Life " The Play Date"

This is my gorgeous and very talented niece Sophie and her blond beauty and little pocket rocket Lily.  Sophie is an actor and a fabulous singer (how glamourous) and Lily, like Rowan has a very special Nana who looks after her.  Lily and her Nana have been on tour with Sophie for most of the year and last week  'Motherhood, the Musical' was here in Sydney.   Hurray!  A much anticipated play date was arranged and we were all very excited.  
Sophie, Lily and Nana Sue, were coming to play at my house.  A picnic was prepared, yummy sandwiches, delicious plates of fresh fruit, Rowan's favourite pretzels and big bowl of cucumber for Lily.  The weather was perfect, the back garden lush and green, I arranged toys, games, a painting table and a circus tent outside for happy toddler play.................

Your probably wondering where are all the happy pictures of Rowan and Lily playing happily together?  Sorry there is no happy playing pics of the cousins........
It went something like this.  The door bell rings and we excitedly rush down the hall and open the front door, we hug and kiss, we swap the cousins and start hugging and kissing some more.

It started with a little "That's mine" and some general standoffishness.  We all agreed that they were just settling in.  It all went pear shaped when for no particular reason, Rowan picked up a car and smashed Lily on her head, we all did a little fussing, distracted the crying children and took them outside.  More pushing and shoving from both cousins, a bit of biting and this all happened in the first thirty minutes, Rowan was put to bed!

Oh dear!  The much anticipated play date didn't go exactly to plan but Lily enjoyed eating her picnic lunch and playing with all the toys, whilst Rowan slept contently, with his bear, in his room at Nana's house.  I loved meeting Lily, I loved seeing her in her flesh, giving her big squeezes and Nana Roberta cuddles and of course sending her off on tour with some lovely Rowantree clothes.

There will always be awkward moments with children, you just have to laugh it off!

I'd love to hear about your play date moments.............

Love is being a Mother  Nana!


  1. That sounds like an average day at my house ;)

  2. It looks as thought a wonderful time was had by all (Rowan had a wonderful sleep didn't he? ;) )
    It's been glorious weather for picnics - we have been having lunch in the back yard with a picnic rug most days. :)
    Welcome Spring!

  3. Claud sees her bestie olivia every week. They're play dates ALWAYS start with an argument-todays was "no thats MY mummy", "NO, thats MY mummy" (on repeat, with increaing anger). The logic that in fact both, seperate mummys were there made no difference but all was forgotten in favour of a spot of duck chasing eventually!

  4. This made me laugh! It's totally normal play date behaviour. Toddler love to mark out their territory, don't they? By the time they can share and play nicely, it's time to start school! x

  5. A play date with Abi at my girlfriends with her daughter Tess on Saturday was a disaster!
    Totally relating to this post!


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