Friday, August 3, 2012

New York City 'A Giraffe In The Bar'

See what I bought Rowan when I was in New York.  That's him, the handsome big giraffe head, and a bag of plastic cowboys and indians, I know, I know,  I'm not supposed to buy toys that endorse war and violence, but I couldn't resist these guys knowing I had the perfect vintage jar to display them in, back home in Rowan's room......
Anyway back to Mr Giraffe head in New York City.  One day the sailor and I decided to go our own shopping way,  he wanted to buy some sailor type things and I wanted to snoop around and pick up a few interesting props to use for styling.  I had the most awesome day, finding bits and pieces here, there and everywhere.  Loaded up with bags, boxes and parcels, making my way down town I spotted the giraffe head, I just had to have him.  The guy in the shop was so helpful, he could see how loaded up I was and offered to drop Mr Giraffe head back to the hotel on his way home.  Thank you, nice guy in shop, have a nice day, bye, bye......As I walked down the street I knew at this time of the evening the sailor would be enjoying a cold beer in the bar at the hotel, no need to rush.  I made a little detour and popped into my friends shop for a chat.
We closed the shop and headed off for a cocktail and then another one.....
Mean while back at the hotel, Mr Giraffe gets dropped off by nice shop guy and the sailor is happily enjoying his beers at the bar.
"Mr Easton, there is a giraffe waiting for you at reception"  says concierge.
"I don't remember ordering a carafe'"  says sailor (thinking this guy was nuts, why would they serve wine at reception)
"Seriously Mr. Easton, a man just dropped off a giraffe for you" says concierge.
"Better show him to the bar"

Some time later......

I arrived back to the hotel, dropped off my bags, boxes and parcels to the room and headed down to the bar.  How cute to find the sailor and Mr Giraffe, having a beer and shooting the breeze.

Next morning, in the lobby, two men talking.

"Did you see that Aussie guy talking to that giraffe head last night in the bar?"............


  1. Ha-ha Rowena, sounds like one of those old fashioned bar jokes ( a man was talking to a horse in a bar etc etc)
    As much as I like Mr Giraffe, it's those cowboys and indians in that old jar that I really love. And Rowans vintage wooden train. Now that's special.

  2. Lovely painted the picture well....I had the full visual. Vic x

  3. Seriously - you are too funny! Love this post. I had to share it with the hubs. Oh to have been a fly on the wall!!!


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