Tuesday, July 24, 2012

In The Wee Smalll Hours......

In the wee small hours of the mornings when I creep downstairs I will often see a dim light under the hall door,  as I tip toe along the creaky floorboards,  I can hear the muffled tones of two boys at play, one deep voice whispering and one high pitched voice excitedly squeaking.  I quietly open the door,  just a little peek, the sailor with his big strong hands guiding Rowan's small hands lining up the engines.........
Rowan and the sailor are quietly playing with 'Ti Tou' 
'Ti Tou' is Rowan's name for all the characters that belong to Thomas The Tank Engine.  

Rowan loves to line them up, Ti Tou, Ti Tou, Ti Tou and Ti Tou, he concentrates very hard.

He moves them around as he speaks in Thomas tongue....

I love these hands, the morning sun reflecting off the fines hairs on his chubby little fists.   I love it when he gently places his hand in mine.   Rowan I will hold your hand as long as you let me, but your heart I will hold forever.......


  1. Thank you Miriam, it's so special having my family so close. It's such a happy old house!

  2. Oh that is very sweet Roberta. So special. x

  3. Ah, how lovely! My little boy calls all trains Thomas :-) x

  4. aw this post makes me feel a bit weepy. My guy (and my little girl) loved Thomas and his friends. We spent many happy hours with this set. I love the chubby hands. My guy still hasn't outgrown those, but I know the days are numbered and I try to love on him as much as I can! Pretty soon he will be pushing me away!

    1. Hi Jenny, Boy's you can only blove them up for such a short while!

  5. Replies
    1. beautiful and warm moments. makes me think of my wee ones in the wee hours of past.

  6. This is sweet! its good that he can play so peacefully, my Tallulah climbs in/up on cupboards first thing in the morning.


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