Tuesday, June 12, 2012

In My Life ' Long Weekend Catchup'

Long weekend bought to you by Pic Monkey

Sunset Strip Motel , Coolangatta, one of he last remaining 60's motels on the Gold Coast.  Rainbow Holiday Flats, 50's fibro block of holiday flats.  Me and the Valiant, my ride for the weekend.

Retro weekender caravan, (a bit spec). Ferris wheel, clown and the tidiest retro laundry still exists in Coolantta.......

If you have a lovin for retro vibes in the means of a humble place to rest your travelling head, I recently purchased this fabulous picture book that my still your beating heart here.  
And lucky for me I had the pleasure of trying out this unique American Airstream Trailer on the weekend.....'Bliss O'  Hop on over and take a look, this could be our next romantic getaway. 

This week I promise you a Fibro Beach Shack update and putting spring/summer together at Rowantree.www.rowantree.com.au


  1. Love your shoes! That trailer and car are pretty special too :) x

    1. These shoes are rad, my favourites. I have had them for so many years it'snot funny. I forget about them and then when I remember them, I fall in love with hem all over again. May be I should put the sailor in the cupboard for a few days, I love a bit of romance.

  2. I love Airstream trailers and have seen that accomm in Byron on the net. How cool to actually try it out! x

  3. I love the colourful pictures. Looks like you had a great time!


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