Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I My Life "It's a Poncho Day"

If you live in Sydney, you are probably already making plans to hunker down this afternoon. This beautiful city is going to be lashed by some pretty big winds, so pull out your poncho's and do everything you need to do this morning and cozy up this afternoon.   Last week I got so excited about the idea of a poncho to top up my winter wardrobe, I didn't find my perfect my poncho, but found a couple of cozy alternatives. 

 Country Road over sized cardi, J Brand jeans, cashmere scarf, Robyn Mathison merino black tee

Vintage crochet cardi from' Reuze Vintage' in Paddington.
Rowan wearing his Burberry jacket, present from Poppa.

On the weekend I watched Bill Grainger make this.  Delicious and perfect for a day like today!
So would these!

If you haven't already heard me rave on about this fun loving and extremely savvy lady, well click on over here and you could win a fabulous gift voucher from no other than......... 

Have a cozy day!


  1. Its a bit like that over here in the Hawkes Bay, NZ today, especially huddled indoors with sickies... I don't actually own a poncho (will have to rectify that!), but am wearing an oversized woollen dress, with kimono arms - which I consider both comfy and cute...Now to check out that link and hopefully win me some Rowantree designs (that is if the comp is open internationally!) Jenny

  2. Hi Jenny, No worries, Ill post to NZ! X

  3. I love both your poncho alternatives i just cannot make up my mind which one i love more. I too have been poncho-ing today, also preparing for hibernation, theyre predicting 80cms of snow for us, yahoo!!!

  4. Oh, how wonderful this place is! I instantly like it a lot :-) Thanks for visiting me, I really appreciate your kind words.
    As soon as I get home I'll join your site - it doesn't seem to work from my work computer?!!

  5. Hi Anna Thanks for stopping by....

  6. I like your poncho and your "granny" cardie Roberta, but I LOVE your gorgeous silvery/blonde hair!

  7. hi roberta, love your cosy outfits. looks like we're both trying to get warm!
    i started following a few weeks ago but haven't dropped in for a while.
    thanks for visiting my blog.
    cheryl x

  8. Hi Roberta, thanks for dropping by my blog & inviting over here, love your outfit, it certainly has been a cold windy week!!!
    Your beach house is looking AWESOME, all of the extra finishing touches you find really make it perfect!

  9. Oh, that vintage crochet cardigan is so great, I love how you've styled it up. I want one!

  10. Love that Cardi, I have been looking for those sleeves this season! You two have the best outfits :)


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