Monday, May 21, 2012

Rowantree Designs "Meet My Bella"

Bella 'Fleur'


Well hello, seems like ages since I've been here, and I have honestly missed hearing from you.  It's not because I have been enjoying these magnificent sunny days, I have been sewing two new styles for my online shop.  This new style 'Bella' I love, my inspiration, vases over flowing with vibrant pink and red blooms .  I wanted to design a very feminine old worldy smock with big puffy sleeves to create that baby doll feel.  I made Bella in two fabrics, a dusky pink floral and an intense deep red geo floral on a chocolate background, which is my favourite as it has more of a vintage feel. I love the way each fabric has dictated a different look.  Pop on one of the Rowantree Collection organic cotton cardigans...and Tres' Bella!   Let out a deep sigh.....Sooooooo cuute!

Love her too?


  1. Hello, what a gorgeous garment, stunning.x

  2. They're lovely. My favourite piece of all though in the shots above is that gorgeous pink cardigan!! Love it!! x

  3. Gorgeous work, you have such a great eye for gorgeous fabrics too x

  4. Love the pink cardigan...just beautiful!

  5. Gorgeous. This might be something I'll have to get if I ever have a baby girl. Let me know about the socks too, what size you want me to make them and what colour :-)

  6. These are gorgeous! I just love the colours that you chose, so vibrant!


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