Tuesday, May 8, 2012

In My Life 'A Vintage Blouse and A Scarf'

This little hand embroidered, boho peasant blouse belonged to my daughter Peta, soo cute, don't you think!  My mother bought it when she was travelling through europe, she actually bought two, one for my other daughter Lauren, sadly I can't find it....The fabric is so delicate, the soft cheese cloth / muslin would be hard to find these days if they still weave it. I have always been a fan of the bo ho look, for toddlers , and I think there is nothing cuter than a peasant blouse over a fave pair of denims............

Isn't this the retro painted buffet to die for........my lovely friend Lisa from The Red Thread gifted it to me.  This lady has awesome taste, she's way cool and every thing she does is so hot right now, have a peek over here at her Boudoir.....gorgeous! 

This is a Moschino scarf the sailor bought for me on our first trip overseas, he thought this colourful and out there print was so me.  I loved it immediately and wore it for one winter, until I decided it was just too amazing to fold and tie around my neck so I had it framed.  It gives such a punch in our living room but then again just about everything else does, so if you are wondering what my house looks like inside this will give you an idea, but don't ever expect anything to stay the same because my home interior is like a chameleon, it changes to suit my moods..............


  1. I love the little blouse, your out-there framed scarf and that gorg buffet. I'm sure I'd love your "proper" house as much as your fibro shack.

  2. I'm with Kylie....you are such a stylish lady:)
    I can only imagine how lovely the muslin feels to touch!
    Totally twirl worthy!!!!!

  3. I want a complete house tour if this peek is anything to go by! The little peasant top is divine and the buffet! What a friend!

  4. I can just imagine that your house must be amazing,
    everything in your pictures has such character and style.

  5. I love the blouse it is gorgeous. I would happily buy it for me if it was my size! xx

  6. You are too sweet! I'm glad the buffet has a lovely new home. (Sorry for the late comment... hope you've been getting my emails?)
    I agree: we need a house tour!

  7. I'm so glad you kept the muslin blouse! My Mum kept mine too, and now my little ones wear it and they look adorable. I just wish they would also wear the cool-as fringed vest and poncho... no such luck. But little Miss M is now wearing the wool cap (fluoro orange and navy check) which I am beyond thrilled about. Yay for cool 70's kids clothes!


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