Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Royal Mail 'The Waist Coat'

At the start of the month do you remember me telling you about the swap I did with the very talented Anna?  here, Who lives, way over there in London. here.  To my great surprise Rowan's parcel has arrived!  'Royal Mail'.  How very posh indeed!

Rowan, was just poodling around in his bach clothes, whilst not at the bach, when the parcel arrived, and of course he was curious and had to have a feel.

 How beautifully wrapped our parcel was, I love the sparkly stars, Very special indeed.

Wow! So handsome and every stitch so perfect.  Thank you Anna! Rowan was being a little boy-strous by the time we opened it and played with the wrapping,  and I couldn't get him to try it on.  Tomorrow when he's being his lovely sweet other self, I try it on him and take a picture.  
It was just a joy to do this swap, I feel like I have made such a lovely connection with Anna and Luke and how I enjoy this long distance blog friendship watching Luke from London and Rowan from Australia growing from bubba's to toddlers.


  1. So sweet. Love that you find 'Royal mail' posh! Live in England and it will drive you nuts at times! xx

  2. Oh my, what a gorgeous little knitted vest! My Nanna used to knit cute little cardigans for my sister and I when we were little girls. I'd love to dress my daughters in home-sewn pieces like this!

  3. I'm so pleased it arrived so quickly and that you like it. I look forward to gorgeous Rowan in it. I'm still waiting to take pictures of Luke in his overalls (it's been miserable and grey over here). I'm so happy that we were able to do this swap and like you I love the idea of the two boys growing up so far from each other, but having the slightest connection to each other :-)


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