Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Bach 'Random Picture'

I love everything about this kitchen.  I wonder if anybody actually cooks and dines here?  A fabulous collection of aluminium kettles, colanders and pots.   Two tones of turquoise I love!  Rustic weatherboards, high ceilings and I heart those antique light shades.  Who would of thought, wood ducks on the mantle and the mirror to show off the dining table display.  Chairs. Oh! little house on the prairie meets Huck Finn. And eat your heart out my dear sailor man, you'd just love these antique model sail boats in our house.  What is your favourite feature in this amazingly eclectic styled beach house?


  1. The thing I actually love the most is that fact that you don't have to clamber through an overfilled draw or cupboard to find the pot or pan you need.

  2. it certainly is gorgeous Roberta!

  3. I am hard pressed to pick one thing. But it would have to be the weather boards. Gogeous image. Thanks for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo


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