Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Bach 'Peacock Chair Darling'

A gorgeous and very styli, girly girl I know, shes' one of those drop dead gorgeous girls who takes style head on, devours it, chews it up and when she done, spits it out proclaiming, how yesterday!  
Today she emails me and inquires as to the progress of the bach......
Who is the stylist?
Is it Hampton's style?
Or am I doing old Stuart Membery, in is new life, Bali inspired?
And Darling, you must get one of those old but very now peacock chairs.  Everybody's doing them!


Leticia arrives at No. 30 in her 20 inch Louboutin heels, wearing a flowing Camilla Franks kaftan, laden with her Louis Vuitton Luggage.....I invite her through to the conservatory where all our friends are sipping gin cocktails anticipating her arrival......................

Snap.  I'm back.  No that is clearly not me!

Or perhaps she's thinking we'll have the help carry our peacock chairs down onto the beach, where will sit looking ever so sweet, whilst we admire the sporting antics of the locals.  That could be me!

I must admit, I didn't give the peacock chair a thought......



Two hot




Should I do a peacock chair?  Which colour would you choose?

This blog was inspired by Brisbane based Stylish and fashion driven galpal!


  1. Wow! Those chairs are amazing! Love that first image. I can see I will have to look out for one in my travels now! Happy week! X

  2. haha, yes! I would if I found one on the side of the road...

    Bec x

  3. I don't really know you well enough to comment but I'm thinking more retro bamboo (curved arms/back) like this
    With a way more fun fabric though :))
    If I could have my fantasy outdoor setting it would be the bamboo set in the movie High Society!!!! In that dream I'd also look like Grace Kelly!!!!

  4. Thats a flippin' throne! I like the yellow, but if it was me i'd go white with a bright multi coloured seat cushion and a little clashing cushion. Do it! xx

    1. Hi Dora, My mum had one when I was growing up, she had a all laden with exotic cushions but nobody was allowed to sit on it. Tha's what my brother and I called it. MUM"S THRONE Hahahhaha

  5. p.s. and Id have a narrowly folded clashing blanket hanging over the top and down the centre so its more comfy to lean on... too specific? xx


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