Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Toddlers High Tea and Giveaway

I was reminded yesterday by the lovely Emily of The Beetle Shack of the classic collection of children's clothes I designed and made in 2009.  I loved everything about this spring collection, a twist on the nautical theme.  I love to use a strong palette of red, navy and whites, crisp and big on style for the little fashionista's.  This photo shoot was one happy, fun filled day , the children were so eager to be photographed and really got into the spirit of the party.   Lots of party food kept the models all happy and zinging about.  I always keep a still from the shoot on my inspiration board.

The frilly bloomers below are my 'Knickernoos' collection are all made from vintage fabrics.  Each pair is different and unique.  I still have a box full of these gorgeous things and will get them into my online store soon.

 I wanted to add a touch of nostalgia from my days of birthday afternoon tea parties, and this is what I came up with, the 'oouu girls'.  There are always these kinda gals at parties with pucker lips, butter wouldn't melt, kinda girls that don't stuff their faces with cake and turn upside down and let their pants show.  (I did all of those things)

Rowantree Tea Dress Collection Summer 2011/12

Thanks again  Emily.  I love reading Emily's blog and you will too, so hop on over to 'The Beetle Shack' as Emily is hosting a Rowantree Giveaway.  You may want to go and grab your self a cuppa and a biccie or two, once you get over there you might stay a while.


Models supplied by Rowantree


  1. beautiful beautiful beautiful- as alway!

  2. I want another girl baby just so I can dress her in Knickernoos!! I seriously love everything in this post. Just so beautiful!

  3. I love the knickeroos too, and the red knickerbockers/pants x

  4. Divine Roberta! Absolutely gorgeous.

  5. ooh those frilly bumbums. Love them!

    xo em

  6. I love the fabrics you use. Are any of them vintage?xx

  7. Oh..just re-read it and yes.. thought so. The pretty pictures distracted me from the text! x

  8. Hi Dora, I use as much vintage as possible. I have been collecting it for many years. But I have to be careful and use only the fabric that is in excellent condition as I'd hate to sell a garment and have it fall apart. When buying new fabrics I only look for vintage inspired prints. Than you for your comment.

  9. Roberta - I love the Knickernoos!! Could you please post it on Facebook when you list them in your online store because I will definitely be purchasing a pair - sigh!!! I would hate to miss out...


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