Monday, February 13, 2012

The Beach Bach 'The Work Begins'

 Over the past two weeks I have become one with the F3 commuters,  driving up to the bach almost daily to get stuck in and do the work that I can manage.  Rowan and I have a few favourite songs we sing along the way, last week we sang 'Morning Town Ride' by the 'Seekers', such an oldie, but a goodie, and I love to rock this song.   This week, I promise him a new tune.  The weather here in Sydney has been dismal, so 'Nina'  I think it's time to pack up your un Sydney like weather patterns and take them off somewhere else! I have seven weeks to go before the Easter holidays, seven weeks until I promised the makeover would be complete.  If you've just popped over to read this blog see the before pictures here.  

The bedroom windows have been replaced,  the frames will be painted white with wider facia boards around the windows.  So far, big improvement on the windows with little effort!

Gutted bathroom!  This is the biggest job of the project.  A good bathroom is essential.

Bedroom one.

 We spent many hours, prepping the walls, removing old power points and generally tidying up the surfaces, first coat of paint on bedrooms ceilings.  I'm really happy with the Lexicon white, it's a good base colour to start with who knows what will happen later, I' very fond of a splash of colour here and there and I love to use wallpaper.

 The kitchen ceilings were a mess, hence my sore neck tidying up the joins of the gyprock that ran across the ceiling.  Perfect now!

 Removed the nasty range hood,  and this week I will be removing the glass splash back,  and replacing it with with some vibrant tiles.

Getting ready to replace the existing sliding doors with bigger ones.

 My gate for the new picket fence.  I salvaged this old gate some years ago from a home demolishment site.  The sailor has often asks me what's the story with the gate and now he knows! 

Ooppps, and not going with the orange!

 Rowan's feathered friends, who stop by to have a laugh at my singing.


  1. Oh this is so exciting. I love watching a renovation underway. Good on you! I am very jealous. Where is this Shack of yours?

  2. Congratulations Roberta, love what you've done already. Happy renovations xxx

  3. wow, you have so much done already, i'm sure you'll meet your deadline, specially with some cuzzie-bro action!!! I love the combo of the blue and an orangy-red in one of your inspiration photos for the outside-if the council put a stop to colour maybe you could go for some crazy door decor instead?

  4. I'm so excited for you Roberta - what a fun thing to do. All the hard work will be worth it. I'm looking forward to seeing the progress and the finished product!

  5. Thank you Lisa! I hope it will be just the spot for a perfect weekend at the beach!


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