Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Bach 'Dining Furniture and Kitchen Inspiration'

Monday I headed off to the Freedom Excess Outlet on the Pacific Highway, Turramurra.  This is a well kept secret I might add, Freedom does not advertise this outlet but as I am always snooping around looking for furniture bargains I was lucky to be given the heads up on this store by a local.  Not only will you find stock selling for up to 50 per cent below it's retail price here, you will enjoy wandering around the beautifully decorated display living areas. This store is always worth a browse before you buy elsewhere, most of the stock is discontinued lines, samples and overruns.

Bargain basement priced dining room furniture.  

 The 'Providore' console and 'Carpenter' table I picked up for a steal at Freedom Excess Outlet.
The 'Providore' console perfect condition. I paid $650

 'Carpenter' table a few surface scratches on table top.  I paid $700

Cross back chairs I purchased online  $130 each

I love the big open dining room table, it's going to look amazing when I stencil something on the table top.  Would love your  ideas?  For the seating I purchased a bench seat off ebay it will fit snug under the table and will look amazing with brightly coloured cushions.  I love these cross back chairs, they look so fresh and happy in the white and yellow,  it was either these or the Tolix chairs, but you know how I feel about my curvy thighs sticking to metal. The French provincial style console was such a great price I had to have it on principal, I am not flash about the baskets, but it has great storage.  Will it work?  We'll just have to wait and see.  Maybe I'll have to tweek it a touch!

Yellow, love it, such a happy colour,  I want the kitchen to sing out sunshine and happy days...

Yellow splash back, a touch retro, looks clean and crisp.

Wow, love these yellow floating shelves.  Colour blocking displays, beautiful.

More stencilling ideas... how fresh does yellow and white looks in these kitchen images?  At this point I'm very happy!

The kitchen as is, the removal of the glass splash backs and tiling will totally change the look.

This is my tiling plan using Johnson Tiles below in gold crest and gloss white. As you can see I'm, tiling up to the top of the cabinets.  I'm hoping that I can still hang a floating shelf.  I would love to stencil a wall space but it's either the wall or the table and when the room is semi finished I will have a better idea.

So, what do you think?  Is yellow your colour?  I have been doing a lot of thinking about colour lately and just when I thought orange would be my 2012 colour, yellow just got up there and smacked me in the face, full of it's citrusy beauty.   Have you any yellow projects on the go?

This Friday I will be drawing the winner of my of my 'Vintage Giveaway' if you haven't already entered or spread the word pop over on over and say hi!


  1. Oh I love that console, what a gorgeous look.x

  2. Love the yellow - looks amazing! You are a talented woman Roberta!

  3. Today I am wearing yellow shorts and yellow shoes. Love yellow too!

    1. Steph, no doubt about you, what a happy outfit I picture you in.


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