Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Bach 'Colour Inspiration'

The question.  What colour do I paint the outside of the bach?  I know that I wanted a colour that is alive and bursting with personality, so the minute you arrive, before you open the door you are on holidays.  Hello you can't have a lime green, hot pink or orange house in the burbs, not my burb anyway the council would be here quicker than the first lick of paint dried.   I thought I had it all sorted,  colour was picked out and now I am having second thoughts.  I love colour and I'm not afraid of splashing it around.    
Images I love from my photo gallery.........

 St Barts Southport.  A favourite shopping haunt of mine.

St Barts  I love this footstool and the cane chair, which especially caught my eye.

 St. Barts. The pendant lights are very tropicalo

 Hibiscus, my mother propagated, still growing strong at my brothers house.  The deep lush pink makes me happy.

Poster from my house Bernard Villemont

French vintage poster from my home.  Tony Belorange

Framed Vintage Moschino Scarf from my home. (one of the first presents the sailor gave me)  I adore all the colour in this scarf to gorgeous to wear so I framed it!

Tiki painting. Lester King.  From my home.  I gifted this to the sailor on our first wedding anniversary.

Jonathan Adler  is an American designer know for his happy and chic approach to decorating.  You'll love this book, each time you open it you'll find a little something to catch your attention,  and check out his many other titles, you'll love them all.  Chic design tips, that are too easy to adapt in your home. 


  1. When I think of you and of the bach, I think of India Hicks... http://www.indiahicks.com/

  2. I love colour two what a beautiful blog post


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