Thursday, January 26, 2012

Children's Decor 'More vintage Inspiration'

More vintage inspiration....

I dream about creating rooms like this and I would be in heaven if I had a little shop somewhere in the inner west of Sydney, in a quirky little space.  How beautifully I would style my clothing collection with all my vintage bits and pieces.  I love chatting to people so I could do lots of that and I love to decorate so I would really enjoy doing lots of that, best.  I am always looking around the place for that little shop and often sigh and tell the sailor.  "Right I'm getting the shop"  and he says.  "Okay Hon".     I still don't have the shop so I go around putting mannequins throughout the house styling them in different outfits and taking pictures of them.  Funny if you dropped over today you swear you were in a shop and I would love it if you just happened to drop by and say hi.  I would love to show you all my bits and pieces.

Which one of these darling rooms is your favourite?


  1. I love the bottom two. the first one seems a little hazardous lol

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  3. Love the curtains in the twin room, but all beautifully decorated. Wonderful colours! x

  4. Such pretty rooms and I dream of having a little shop too! One day when we return to Australia maybe...


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