Friday, December 2, 2011

Rowantree Designs Decorates

When November rolls around it's time to think Christmas many ways to go.  Silver, gold, green's and reds.  Do I go traditional, white on white, or funk it up with some fun?  I went for Fun!

The large stash of artificial flowers left over from a fashion shoot gave me inspiration to go kitsch and colourful.

I purchased a florists wreath and the green tape and covered the polystyrene wreath with the green tape.  Cut the stems of the flowers to suit and stuck them into the wreath, that was the fun bit, putting all the colours together.

With some tweaking here and there, it looked so good I hula danced around the house with it adorning my head.  It just needed a bit of Christmas glam. 

The little silver balls, left over from last Christmas (when I did the white on white with the silver trims) worked magic.  As you can see I am still undecided about the colour for my front door!  I loved it, poured myself a glass of delicious Marlborough Savy to celebrate.

The savvy worked it's magic as I decided what to do with the left over flowers and last years white tinsel.  Updates will be posted!

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