Friday, November 25, 2011

Rowantree Decorates "Bare Walls in the Kids Room'

My friend's baby girl sadly isn't a baby girl anymore, she is quite the busy toddler and mum wants to re decorate her room.  The baby girly wall stickers have already come down, the cot and change table dismantled, the bed is arriving in a few days, and the family will be arriving for Christmas.  I get the call.  Help!  What can I do with the bare walls?  
I love the Ikea Diginete hanging system it's really affordable and can be adapted to many uses.  I have one in my studio that I hang my sketches, pieces of trims, inspiration pictures and photographs on. 

I love the idea of having them in a child's bedroom, you can change the display frequently. My ideas....
Hanging pictures of the family and family pets
Drawings and postcards
Favourite pieces of your child's clothing i.e. ballets tutus, footy team shirts etc.
Small led lights wrapped around the line look really cute

But this really caught my attention and with lots of fabric scraps laying around my studio we can get right to it and have the room tickerty boo ready for Christmas.  
You can find the tutorial at  make it and love it.


  1. what a great idea. I'm thinking of the 'no ikea in nz' twine and mini wodden pegs version, I've got loads of cute stuff of clauds i'd love to hang, including some of her grown-out-of dresses x

  2. Hi Max, posted your blouse today, should have it early next week. Yes, I agree the twine and mini pegs do the trick, but the Diginete has an industrial edge, is very strong and works well for large artworks. If you would like one let me know quite happy to pick you up a set next time I'm in IKEA, I love 10 mins away.


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