Sunday, November 6, 2011

Friday Dress

Friday, clearing out my studio for the new coat of paint and finally the room make over, I found this pretty piece of fabric, and in the middle of all the mayhem of moving all the bits and pieces that make up my life inside the back room, affectionately named the studio, I decided to run up a dress to wear to the pub that afternoon with the sailor.  
I have to get one coat of paint on before I make up the dress, so I go very speedy, the whole time thinking about how the dress will take shape. Paint job complete I can start the dress.  I would much rather sew than paint!
Just two side seams, cut a piece of fabric on the bias for the neckline and a hem.  Looking a bit on the plain side I then upturned a box of trim treasures and WOW, this piece of vintage lace belonged to my Nana it was attached to a piece of satin so I carefully unpicked it and attached it to the sleeve.
 I'm loving it.......
A quick shower and hair make over and I'm ready for the dress.  Fling open all the wardrobe doors, decide on the tan Chloe boots and wide woven belt.  I'm ready!


  1. You're so clever, I'm so envious of being able to just whip up a dress at whim!

  2. Thank you Hazel, very easy two seams and some neckline binding, you too could whip one up in a couple of hours.

  3. I know I Couldn't!!!
    You are a very stylish Lady Roberta!! :o)


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