Sunday, November 13, 2011

Around my house...Sunday Musings

Whilst the sailor was off shore racing today, I was able to spend the day at home spending some time with Victoria, my dear old house.  She's very stately old girl and has been sitting here admiring the view for over one hundred years, she's tired these days and needs some major reconstruction work.  It's quite a long process as Victoria is heritage listed and each and every step of the planning for her reconstruction involves many consulting heritage architects, the council and last of all the sailor and I. 

I started the morning with a cup of tea on the balcony.....

which over looks the most magnificent 'magnolia grandiflora'.  Lots of busy bees this morning, I am wondering how I can take inspiration from the flower to create a little dress pattern......

The fruit for the Christmas cake has been lingering in the fridge for a couple of days , today is the day to bake it.

With the beautiful aroma of the cake in the oven I head into the front rooms to give them a bit of a lickety spit.   As you can see I love the strong characters of black and white.

I love the lamps, the base which has the flowers that tie in with the chair upholstery and the tall shade which I love to wear as a hat.  In the cloche is a little original water colour I bought in Paris many years ago.

My favourite trio of little pottery vases.

I changed over the pictures in Rowan's room.  Oh TinTin you shine, I made the crochet bunting especially for you.

The very handsome vintage Babar prints I bought in Paris

Alexandra popped in at just the perfect time to help me hang the lanterns in my office, and enjoy a bit of silliness....

and finally I tidied up my inspiration board.

How was you Sunday.


  1. Oh how I like your red curtains (and the rest of the place ain't bad either!). I've been thinking about red curtains for a while for my lounge and dining room-I think seeing yours has finally made my mind up!

  2. What a lovely home you have. Thanks for sharing these pictures with us :) I know I really enjoyed reading and viewing!


  3. I recognise that mustache! Lucky Rowan to have his own room - are those spice rack bookshelves? The crochet bunting is fab.

  4. Yes, Ikea spice racks. Funny how the mous goes around...LOL My daughter Alexandra made them as well for her 'Condura' product launch party, so much fun!


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