Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rowantree Designs 'The Fete Dress' #25

When I opened the mail box this week and saw this happy little Spring Fair pamphlet , it immediately put a smile on my face and put me in such a happy mood.  I have always loved going to Spring Fairs, as a little girl I remember being very excited about going to the school fete with my mum.  My mum the fashion stylist and designer to only me, would run up (as she would say) one of her fete dress creations, give me a special hair do and put some coins in my shiny handbag and off we'd go.  It was such a social occasion, all the families from the school and local community lending in a hand, dads on the sausage sizzle, mums on cake stands and the big kids managing the games.  Mum always wanted to hit the White Elephant Stall (now referred to as the bric a brac stall) first to get best dibs at the good stuff as she would brag to my Aunts.  Me, I always had three things in mind, a toffee apple, a Kewpie doll on a stick and a cup cake.  
This is me on the right standing with my cousin Laura,  me with quiff on top of my head and the big  bows in the curly ponies.  I remember this dress, I remember it being really prickly and by the end of the day after the toffee apple, the cupcake and a few pony rides I would be feeling very uncomfortable.

So with all these happy thoughts bouncing around inside my head, a big smile on my face, humming a merry tune I spent the afternoon in my studio running up a Fete Dress.   I love the granny inspired floral print, especially the purple and green colour palette it has such a real retro feel.  The shoulder frill and  pocket (perfect for little fete treasures) are made from a piece of fabric from my vintage stash.  I have a button jar filled to the brim with old buttons and I'm yet to sort a couple of buttons for the front yoke and maybe one each for the pockets.

I can just imagine this little dress at the fete next weekend.  Colourful, cool and comfortable, running  here and there, the pockets filled with little treasures and sticky little fingers.

Thank you for sharing my wonder down memory lane and I love to hear what you think of my Fete Dress and what you might put your little ones in to wear to the Spring Fair.


  1. It's gorgeous, like you I wanted fairy floss and toffee apples. I do envy you having a mother who taught you to sew. My mother has zero interest. I'd love to learn now, I keep promising myself I'll find a 2nd hand machine and have a go.

  2. Hi Hazel, Thanks for your comment! You should start with the easy patterns then you'll be hooked.


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