Tuesday, October 18, 2011

An afternoon In My Garden. Hey look! Rowan is finally crawling #16

Monday 's always lots to do on the to do list and usually not a lot of motivation.  A bit of a shakey start to the weather, so I got all the boring bits and pieces out of the way early.  Dyeing the buttons for a couple of really cute sun dresses I'm working on wasn't too boring, infact,  I found it fun, who doesn't like water play.  Off to the shops with Rowan and then to the plant nursery, I have a little space in the front garden that needs a little colour.  Have I told you I really love gardening.  In the afternoons, I often put Rowan in his pram, he loves it outside and I spend an hour in the garden with him.  It's in the garden that I get most of my inspiration for my designs.  

Rowan is fascinated with the poodles, Louis is waiting for Rowan to throw him the ball. 

Ha! I have the ball and I'm finally off, I crawled today really did it!

I planted four pots of Italian Lavender

 A new rose 'Firestar'

Thank you for sharing a Monday in my life.  Life is wonderful!


  1. Quite envious of your weather of the weekend. Ours was shocking! That rose is gorgeous!

  2. Yeah for Rowan crawling, I'm still waiting for Luke to take that 'step'.


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