Saturday, July 2, 2011

French inspired dress for Alexandra. The preschool fashionista!

Alexandra the youngest of my three daughters thought she was lucky enough to miss being featured on my blog.  Yes, she definitely turned heads alighting from her car seat every morning arriving at preschool.  

SORRY ALEXANDRA, how could I not blog this beautiful black velvet, french inspired dress I made for you.  And it was you who always insisted on wearing  those cool 'Woodly Alan' inspired sunglasses of mine, the sunglasses really pulled the outfit together and the whole look really worked, except for the funny face you are pulling.  


  1. Oh what a style master...and she still is!

  2. Oh that dress is so beautiful! Who designed it?

  3. This little lady is so the blond bob

  4. What a great post Mum - if i don't say so myself!! Where are those sunglasses now? Alex xx


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