Tuesday, May 3, 2011

When Mum went back to work

Today my mum went back to work to teach in her old class room but with different children and I am going to stay with Nana at my big house.  

So we wave mum off to school and as her car heads up the road and turns out of site I am expecting a text message, last minute reminders...... I am confident that Peta will have a great day back at school and Rowan and I will do nanna things, promise not to spoil him too much.

I purchased a cute book note book when I visited the Rozelle Markets from Retro Star Designs, these well made notebooks are made from Little Golden Books,  taken apart, good quality white pages are added and cleverly rebound with a sturdy spiral spine, they are also available on Madeit.  
I plan to use the journal to jot down little things that Rowan does during his days with me.   

Hey! is that you Rowan, riding up front

Lot's of things to talk about..and the places we will go, and who we'll meet along the way.

Today it was cloudy and cold we rugged up for a walk to the park and when we came home I took lots of pictures of Rowan wearing funny hats I have been crocheting.

Rowan had a sleep (not for very long) and then I read him a story and then another one.

Rowan's library is cleverly made using Ikea spice racks as the shelves, and the best feature, you can keep adding to it.
The spice racks are $2.49 each and they hold up to eight children's books.


  1. Hi!! I remember meeting Peta back at Mathilda's Markets last year! I hope that the wrap worked well for Rowan! I can't believe how big he looks already!! And love the IKEA spice rack idea! Affordable and very effective!! Enjoy your Nana time :-)

  2. The wrap worked a treat and still is as we go to the park almost everyday. I get lots of comments about it. How are you and the new bub? What did you have?


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