Friday, December 24, 2010

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas........" is just one sleep away and I could not be more excited.  Last Saturday my daughter and I went to  Eveleigh Street Market at Redfern the most fantastic market for fresh produce, organic meats, olive oils, breads I could go on and on, and of course lots of very yummy treats.  And who could complain if Kylie Kwong cooked you a most delicious vietnamese omelette for breakfast.  I love her restaurant and her cookbooks make Asian cooking a breeze.

Kylie cooking up a storm

I love to use The Little General Olive Oil for special occasssions so a tin of that, thank you very much.  A basket full of the freshest produce and now for something sweet.  Can't resist 'Sweetness The Patisserie'.
If you love marshmallows stop right here they are melt in your mouth irressistable.  Flavours such as berry, lime, passionfruit and chocolate OOh La la!  Mince tarts, nut praline and my fave nougart!

Nougart, marshmallows and chocolate nut praline hmmm...

Delicious mince pies

During the week I then start to add the Christmas touch to the house.

The front door adorned with my home made jingle jangle.  Some old wire and plaster shapes I made with cookie cutters, don't you love the piece of string the piece do resisstance!  It's cute

I purchased these decorations in Bali they look so beautiful above the table

Candle and holly

My grandson Rowan arrives on the 10th January, 2011 and I design a romper for the occassion. These handsome rompers will be available on the Rowantree website early January.

Three wise rompers......

Christmas Eve...early rise.  Sydney Fish Markets 6.00am.  Everybody thinks your mad, you think your mad, you tell other people your mad..but if you are a Sydney sider it's what you do, or what somebody in the family has to do.  My husband Patrick is a Kiwi and he just loves it. Loves the crowd and every year comments on the abundance of seafood.  Wouldn't be Christmas Day in Sydney without it!

The Lobsters

Thousands and thousand of Kilos of Prawns..Queensland tigers, perfect firm and sweet.

Don't forget the Moreton Bay Bugs

And of course, Christmas buskers..thank you boys, but the two at the back need to get focused!

Back at home, seafood carefully stored away,  and I am off  to share Christmas Eve with my staff.  Merry Christmas to Sim, Casey, Helene, Lucy, Marie, Linda, Belinda and Steph.  A huge hug and a goodbye to Belinda who is leaving Sydney to live in her new house in Melbourne with her man Liam.

Thank you Casey..but that cake is far too cute to eat

Merry Christmas from Louis and Hugo

Well, I guess you are wondering where the Christmas tree is ... 
It goes like this.

Spend many days looking for the perfect real tree

Find it..over the other side of town...

Tie it to the roof of may car..


Haul it off when I get home and drag it inside..


Put it in huge bucket of sand...


Spend all afternoon carefully decorating it and adorning it with twinkling lights...


Eyes water, head aches


Can't wait for everybody to come and see the tree...


Allergic to tree

Patrick takes the tree with decorations and lights outside to the footpath.





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