Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lara, the door and Milly

I was so excited that the sun came out today, I called my friend Lyndall and asked her to bring Lara by so I could take pictures of her in my latest little pop over dress 'Milly',  which will be available on my Rowantree website very soon.  When I opened the gate to greet Lyndall, before I had time to say hello she gave my front door a great big WOW.
"That is so edgy and it's just beautiful, are you keeping it like that"
No, I replied I have to finish sanding it and paint it before the baby shower, so let's enjoy it for now.
What a wonderful idea to take the pictures of Lara in front of the door.  And what an opportunity to sneek in another stunning bunch of flowers from my fave florist, Rococo Flowers.

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