Saturday, September 18, 2010

Adorable baby Lara

I have a very beautiful friend Lyndal, who has the most beautiful baby girl, her name is Lara and Lara is nearly one.  Lara is my "Baby Rowantree" model and she is not only a super model but the most placid little angel I know.  I was so excited to call Lyndal and tell her that the Baby's Smock dress, Posie Pinnie was ready for modelling.  Lara was an angel and we were able to squeeze in a few more shots in the Baby Rowantree range.  The Lara Spring pop over dress and the cute little Lucy Top all in one very sunny afternoon.

After the shoot Lyndal, Lara and I felt we deserved an afternoon treat so off to Envy Cafe in Summer Hill.  I love to visit Envy Cafe lots of interesting Vietmanese art adorn the walls. We sat in the leafy courtyard sipping on tea and eating delicious toast and honey.  Lara in the high chair calling to other customers "I'M LARA"and getting lots of attention, which a supermodel rightly deserves.

I loved all the images I took of Lara and it was so difficult to decide which ones I would use for the site.

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  1. Thank you Roberta! Lara received so many compliments at a recent birthday party when she wore the Lara Spring pop over dress. It looks gorgeous.

    I also want to comment about the Lets Play Grey Legging and matching top. The pants fit so neatly around Lara's tummy and hides her high waisted nappy. Hipsters are in, but not for nappies! She has had months of wear out of them and they still fit her perfectly as she grows. The long legged and long armed style of the leggings and top means they will accommodate her growth for months. And she's no small baby!


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