Thursday, November 8, 2012

How Time Flies

Hello again!   Yes, I have been very quite on the blog, not because of lack of content, or that I don't miss reading your lovely stories. I have been extremely busy, simple as that!  Loads of stying work has come my way for various projects and yes, I did have Michael Clark in my house for a day, even half naked on my couch....PHEW!!!!! Man that was hard to take.......
So here is my Rowan just some shots to get me back in the swing of things.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Retro Suitcase

  Hi Y'all....And the Winner Is...............

Mel, from 'Coal Valley View' I do hope you enjoy this little retro treasure as much as I enjoy mine.  You really inspire me Mel, super mum to four and number five on the way, this will be the perfect nappy bag for the experienced mum. xx

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rowantree Design 'Room Inspiration'

Today I decided to share with you some of my favourite images I keep on my desktop just in case you need a little inspiration for Susshing up you child's bedroom these holidays.

 Rowan's room, I love it in here so much colour and texture, such a mix of old and new.

 I love vintage clothing hanging on walls and pictures, an eclectic collection of wall art.

Vintage pieces and rustic flooring

 A kaleidoscope of colour, and gorgeous layers of texture.

 Print on print

 Upcycled furniture

Old frames, a jar of collectables and of course a feature dress.

Don't forget to join in on my retro giveaway

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Thinking of a Boat House ' Temple and Webster'

I Wish................

No just any online homewares boutique.......Temple and Webster is all about inspiring the stylist in all of us making the beautiful things we desire to decorate our homes affordable.   Come on ladies, tell me when you are not, wishing you could 'suussh' up your bedroom or living spaces.    I feel like 'suusshing' up, everyday, and I love shopping sites that are there to provide you with all the gorgeousness at great prices.  Let me know what you think!

Monday, September 24, 2012

A Retro Giveaway from the Big Apple

I couldn't think of a better way to start the school holidays then to have a giveaway. Yeah!! I always love a giveaway and I have the perfect little companion for all you vintage loving gals that I purchased when I was at the Brooklyn Flea in NYC earlier this year.  

How cute is this, a mini retro zip up suitcase!  I use mine for everyday as a portable office, it fits my laptop perfectly with room for other bits and pieces.  I get lots of ohhs and ahhs from other retro loving lovelies when I take her out.  I can think of loads of other uses for this funky little suitcase, it would make the perfect statement handbag, a craft bag or cosmetic bag.  I love the vibrant purple retro fabric, and the tan vinyl trim is so 70's I go all goosebumps when I look at her.  
Lucky I have two, one for me and one for one lucky you!

How to win this lovely is easy.  Tell me how you would use her in this blog's comment box, if you don't already follow my blog, please follow along for your chance to win.  Pop on over to my  Rowantree Design facebook  page and like me, follow me on instagram, Robertatakespics.......and, please I would really love you to tell all your followers about my fabulous giveaway so perhaps you could mention this giveaway in your next post.  

PS.  I will post it anywhere in the world, that sounds amazing, doesn't it! 
PSS.  I am eagerly waiting, sitting on top of my computer to meet all my lovely new followers!!! 

Good Luck!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Retro Shack 'Yellow Birds not Pink Elephants'

If you happen to notice any peculiar bright yellow birds flying around the central coast area, chance is they stopped by the Retro Shack for a splash in the newly installed birdbath..........

It went like this.  I was so excited last week when my search for a birdbath to complete the front garden of the Retro Beach Shack came to an end. I couldn't believe my eyes, this birdbath was perfect, definately, lovingly  handmade , I could just imagine the looks of anticipation on the family's faces when dad unveiled her, complete with mother frog and her baby right smack in the middle of the bath.  Turns out just like in the movies, the lovely old man had made the birdbath back in the 50's, him and his equally lovely wife were down sizing and had no need for the bird bath anymore, it was one of the last things left from the garage sale on the weekend.   Arthur helped me load the birdbath into the back of my car, I gave them both a wave and drove off. 
Yesterday I took the birdbath up to the Retro Shack, I gave it a good lick of paint, unsure as to what colour I should paint the mother and baby frog, the sailor suggested yellow, so I went with that.........
I had a left over concrete paver which came in handy to place the birdbath on so she is steady, and last I painted the mother and baby, I had to laugh!!!

So I went about watering the plants, then decided to put the sprinkler on.............

The water washed over the mother and baby frog washing most of the paint off and making the water yellow, the more I tried to wash the yellow water out of the bath the more yellow paint washed off the frogs.....I left it.  It wasn't long before the bird life were splish, splashing around in the bath.

My hibiscus are blooming.

I painted and planted more retro pots.  I just love the diamond cut one in the middle.

That looks better for now!   I have a plan for the shed, it's essential to house all my bits and pieces, but it looks just so ugly.  I am so excited I have my first holiday makers renting the Retro Shack for the long weekend.  I'm hoping they have a fabulous stay.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, I'm off sailing today.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

In My Life 'Rowan, Growing into Himself, His Way'


As the school term ends, so do my lovely days with Rowan.  Phew! thank goodness it's only for two weeks, as the sailor and I will miss the little guy popping in for breakfast every morning and hanging out with us during the day.

Over the past nine weeks I have watched Rowan blossom, not only in stature but in his cognitive and social development.  He has the wonderful ability to play, he is building the foundations for his future.  Each day I arrange different and varied baskets of activities for his day's play.  On sunny days I open the french doors so he can wander in and out, he builds, he dances, he paints and draws, he splashes and sploshes in tubs of water, he digs and frollicks with the poodles, but most of all he loves playing with his collection of 'Thomas The Tank' engines..........On other days, Rowan is just as happy to come along with me to work, he accompanies me to meetings, visits showrooms and happily plays in the studio whilst I work on my projects.  We chat about about mummy at school, Daddy in the city, Pa at the factory and Louis and Hugo at home, waiting for us, we count, we pick out colours, we cut and paste, all in a days work, with Nana.

Yesterday, after visiting a lucky boy who is getting a brand new room, we walked along Oxford Street, Paddington, a lady stopped to say hello, she told me how beautiful Rowan was, she had been observing me shopping with him, hearing his cheerful  hellos and goodbyes to the people he met in the shops, she watched him patiently wait for the man at the juice shop making him a juice and how he tried to say pleeesshhhh with a big cheesy grin.   I smiled at her and thanked her for her lovely comments, then I told her this is Rowan, this is his beautiful way, and this is my daughter's beautiful way.  She then asked me for my recipe.

 I replied......

In my experience of being mum to three intelligent, accomplished women, and Nana and carer for Rowan, I believe there is no special formula for growing the perfect child.  No amount of Reggio Emilia in the classroom, Montessorie or Stenier will grow your perfect child.  It's you, your family, your ways, your true to yourself and others,  being humble and happy and like a big sponge your child will absorb all of this goodness and build the foundations for life.

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